3 Ways Import and Export Services Benefit Your Business

3 Ways Import and Export Services Benefit Your Business

As we approach the end of 2018, it’s necessary to consider the aspects of your business that worked and which ones brought you no added benefits. For many business owners across El Paso, 2018 was a year of trial and error. Our city experienced new commercial development as well as some closures. There’s no doubt that some industries are struggling while others are fruitful and multiplying. If your business didn’t meet its annual financial goals, it’s time to consider which areas you can implement new practices in order to increase your profits and cut back on expenses.

Whether you’ve already tapped into the global market or are considering venturing out, there are numerous benefits and disadvantages of international trade. A global logistics strategy can be extremely profitable. However, since every product exported and imported to and from the US must meet custom and tariff regulations, it can be overwhelming to follow this model. For this and other reasons, it’s necessary to use import and export services from an experience brokerage company. Not only will these services ensure you are in compliance with trading regulations, but they will also help strengthen your business and allow you to focus on other important areas.      

1. Your Supply Chain Will Be Stronger

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that global supply chain management can get complicated. Managing import and export logistics on your own can be time-consuming and difficult. There are major negative repercussions on the line, which will affect your overall business. Seeking professional assistance from a freight partner is the way to go. They will examine your current business model and provide you with viable solutions that will strengthen your supply chain and help your business grow.    

2. Knowledgeable Customs Brokerage

Teaming up with an import and export team can dramatically minimize the amount of time your goods are held at customs. The provider will make sure your goods meet the requirements in order to leave customs without a hitch. This includes complying with all regulatory associations such as the FDA, USDOT, TSA, and more. A custom brokerage company knows that delays are costly, which is why they make sure your products will be delivered on time and without any additional costs.

3. Always in Compliance With Changing Regulations

With global government trade regulations always changing, as a business owner, it’s hard to keep up. You shouldn’t be spending your time combing through complex requirements. Instead, you should be able to reply and a customs brokerage company who follows regulatory mandates from the TSA and USDOT.  By using their import and export services, your goods will always be in global compliance. In return, you avoid costly penalties and shipment delays.

Learn More About Import and Export Services

Let 2019 be the year your business really thrives! All it takes is some strategic planning and you will be on your way to seeing better results and higher numbers. To learn more about the import and export services, contact Cordova Brokerage. Our team has assisted numerous El Paso businesses and we have the experience and certifications necessary to help you.

The Fundamentals of Cross Docking and How Your Company Can Benefit

The Fundamentals of Cross Docking and How Your Company Can Benefit

There is a key difference between cross docking services and warehousing and shipping that many business owners fail to understand, which can lead to confusion when it comes to seeking out these services. To help bring awareness to these differences, we’re going to focus on the logistics involved in cross docking and how you may need these services in connection to warehousing and shipping. To begin, warehousing services provide you with a place to store your products until they are ready to be shipped to customers or their final destination. Before those goods get to the warehouse, they are transported to the warehouse thorough cross docking services.    

Pre and Post Distribution

Cross docking can be broken down into two processes: pre-distribution and post-distribution. In the phase of pre-distribution, good are first unloaded, sorted, then organized so they are prepared for distribution. Before the materials leave, it’s important that all of the items are identified and instructions have been given so that once they are transferred, the process will go smoothly. In the post-distribution phase, the materials leave the docking facility and are delivered to the customer. Once they arrive at the warehouse, they are placed in the warehouse until the customer is prepared to transfer them into their store or other types of final destinations.  

Who Benefits From Cross Docking?

Manufacturing and other companies who need to transfer their goods from a warehouse to another location such as a distributor can benefit from our cross docking services. Cross docking services can serve a variety of product needs — from packaged goods to larger items. Other benefits of cross docking services include saving time and having the confidence that an experienced company will safely transfer your valuables to their destination without risking the possibility of loss. This gives you a competitive edge. One of the riskiest aspects of business is a delay in shipment or a loss in product. All too often companies have to learn from beginner mistakes. Even companies who have been in business for years may experience an issue. Whether you’re a new business or one with years of experience, allow Cordova Brokerage to help you avoid mistakes and costly delays.      

Contact Cordova Brokerage International, Inc. For Reliable Cross Docking Services

At Cordova Brokerage, we provide distributor, manufacturing, opportunistic, and transportation cross docking services. We’ll help ensure that your inventory doesn’t experience a delay or loss. If you are in need of cross docking services, please contact us today.

Outsourcing Import and Export Services

Outsourcing Import and Export Services

Binders on a import and export company desk, labeled "import" and "export" respectivelyFor import and export companies, handling the day-to-day needs of transporting goods can be a full time job. International laws for shipping and transporting seem to change daily too. All this can make it very hard to stay on top of deliveries and shipments. Which in turn can affect your company’s bottom line. Hiring a broker to do handle these matters for your business can be the best choice for your company. Cordova Brokerage International Inc. understands local El Paso workings and can help any import and export companies with their unique border experience.

Experienced Brokers for Import and Export Companies        

Getting experienced brokers is the easiest way for import and export companies to thrive in the global market. Keeping up with transportation laws can be very hard and time consuming. This is where your broker can step in. They train to accurately classify goods and then determine what the taxes and fees might be. As a result, your company’s costs and profits will be clear and organized each month. When your broker knows what they are doing, it can only benefit you.

Warehouse Services

Import and export companies who also outsource warehouse services can increase their product outflow. Now you not only have a broker who can oversee your international transport, but they can now help you store and maintain your goods. This will make shipping your goods much easier as they will all go through the same person. Having one person oversee your goods makes delivering these goods easier and often faster too.

Reduce Costs

Import and export companies who use a broker service will greatly reduce their costs. Instead of having to hire, train and maintain workers to ship and store our goods, you can have another company handle it. This will mean less payroll and more time to gain shipping contracts. It is a win-win as you can increase business and reduce your costs at the same time.

Compete in A Competitive Market

Lastly import and export companies who outsource have an easier time competing in a very competitive market. When it comes to the moving of goods all around the world, there is not a prize for second best. An experienced broker will find any time you can cut, making your shipments faster and more reliable. This is will ultimately give your company the edge it needs to succeed.

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Cordova Brokerage International Inc. is a great choice for import and export companies looking to base themselves in El Paso. We can help you gain the edge you need to take your company to the next level. Call us today for an appointment.

Outsource Your Business’ Needs to Increase Revenue and Save Time

Outsource Your Business’ Needs to Increase Revenue and Save Time

customs broker taking inventory in a warehouse, one of the many warehouse services Cordova Brokerage InternationalAs a business owner, you are probably constantly looking for opportunities to save on your budget and increase profit. This is one of the many ways to make your business thrive. This can become a bit more complex if you are conducting import and export processes across the borders. Utilizing warehouses services is just one way to maximize your business. Outsourcing to experts may at first glance look like an expensive choice. But at the end of the day, trusting industry experts with your needs can be less expensive than maintaining a staff. Not only that, you can put difficult, labor-intensive tasks in the hands of experts which will in turn free you up to focus on other vital areas of your business.

Outsourcing Warehouse Services

Utilizing a company to take care of your warehouse needs can be a big benefit for several reasons. First of all, many companies rent a warehouse building and employ a staff, but only use a small portion of the floor space. They end up paying too much for the facility, management, and the staff. Secondly, many export and importers don’t need a facility all year around. There are busy seasons and slow seasons that leave a warehouse empty for several months. Hiring a temporary staff over and over can become difficult. When you utilize a warehouse service you don’t have to pay full rent and wages. Your goods will be managed by a team of experts. On top of that, there will be an optimal security measure in place to safeguard your merchandise or goods.

Outsource Other Services to an Expert Customs Broker

Warehousing services in El Paso may only be the beginning of your business’ needs. You may also require help with customs, a customs warehouse service, cross docking, freight forwarding, and more. Entrusting these services to a qualified customs broker is the way to go. First of all, trusting a training expert is much better than trying to save a dime and do it yourself. You will end up spending immense amounts of time learning to do the things the experts spend their entire day doing and are masters at. You also won’t need to hire several employees to do the work that one expert can accomplish.

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If you are interested in outsourcing warehouse services as well as other services your business may need, be sure to give us a call at Cordova Brokerage, International, Inc.. We offer customized help. Contact us today for more info.