3 Ways Import and Export Services Benefit Your Business

3 Ways Import and Export Services Benefit Your Business

As we approach the end of 2018, it’s necessary to consider the aspects of your business that worked and which ones brought you no added benefits. For many business owners across El Paso, 2018 was a year of trial and error. Our city experienced new commercial development as well as some closures. There’s no doubt that some industries are struggling while others are fruitful and multiplying. If your business didn’t meet its annual financial goals, it’s time to consider which areas you can implement new practices in order to increase your profits and cut back on expenses.

Whether you’ve already tapped into the global market or are considering venturing out, there are numerous benefits and disadvantages of international trade. A global logistics strategy can be extremely profitable. However, since every product exported and imported to and from the US must meet custom and tariff regulations, it can be overwhelming to follow this model. For this and other reasons, it’s necessary to use import and export services from an experience brokerage company. Not only will these services ensure you are in compliance with trading regulations, but they will also help strengthen your business and allow you to focus on other important areas.      

1. Your Supply Chain Will Be Stronger

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that global supply chain management can get complicated. Managing import and export logistics on your own can be time-consuming and difficult. There are major negative repercussions on the line, which will affect your overall business. Seeking professional assistance from a freight partner is the way to go. They will examine your current business model and provide you with viable solutions that will strengthen your supply chain and help your business grow.    

2. Knowledgeable Customs Brokerage

Teaming up with an import and export team can dramatically minimize the amount of time your goods are held at customs. The provider will make sure your goods meet the requirements in order to leave customs without a hitch. This includes complying with all regulatory associations such as the FDA, USDOT, TSA, and more. A custom brokerage company knows that delays are costly, which is why they make sure your products will be delivered on time and without any additional costs.

3. Always in Compliance With Changing Regulations

With global government trade regulations always changing, as a business owner, it’s hard to keep up. You shouldn’t be spending your time combing through complex requirements. Instead, you should be able to reply and a customs brokerage company who follows regulatory mandates from the TSA and USDOT.  By using their import and export services, your goods will always be in global compliance. In return, you avoid costly penalties and shipment delays.

Learn More About Import and Export Services

Let 2019 be the year your business really thrives! All it takes is some strategic planning and you will be on your way to seeing better results and higher numbers. To learn more about the import and export services, contact Cordova Brokerage. Our team has assisted numerous El Paso businesses and we have the experience and certifications necessary to help you.

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