Navigating Customs Warehousing: Benefits and Best Practices for Businesses

A man in a hard hat looking at a computer in an El Paso customs warehouse.

Are you the owner of a business and are interested in working with a customs warehouse? If so, you’ll need to know what kind of benefits this business practices provides; here, we will explain just that. 

At Cordova Brokerage International, located in El Paso, TX, we offer customs warehouse services that include security, logistical management, and inventory control. Our services are low-cost and convenient for all businesses. For more information, give us a call at (915) 595-8774 or contact us online today!

Understanding the Benefits

An El Paso customs warehouse can make any business’s life a lot easier. However, if you’ve never worked with one in the past, you might not be aware of the benefits and practices that come with a customs warehouse. Read below for a list of those benefits. 

  • Long-Term Storage- A customs warehouse is the most ideal form of storage for long-term handling. Importing businesses can save time and money by utilizing a customs warehouse for long-term storage because it allows for fewer trips between suppliers. 


  • Better Cash Flow- Customs warehouses allow businesses to store their product in a secure location before paying the import tariffs. This can help improve the cash flow of the business. 


  • Protection of Restricted Goods- When using our customs warehouse, you’re entrusting the protection of your restricted goods to our hands. There is typically a short window of time for the proper paperwork to be issued before storing your products. However, when storing in a customs warehouse, you can keep your goods stocked and protected while you take your time in obtaining the proper paperwork. 


  • Flexible Stock Management- You’re able to streamline stock management procedures by enabling you to store old products or unnecessary goods; this comes in handy when you need to store seasonal items. 


  • Safety- Customs warehouses provide more strict security than a standard warehouse. Customs agents strictly monitor and guard these facilities to ensure the products stored inside are safe and secure. In addition to the security, some of these warehouses are climate-controlled for temperature-sensitive items as well as properly storing hazardous products. 

Customs Warehouse in El Paso

Here at Cordova Brokerage International, located in El Paso, we offer plenty of security and space in our customs warehouse for your products. With our warehouse being over 80,000 square feet, we can offer plenty of clean and secure storage space. For more information about our customs warehouse, call (915) 595-8774 today.