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In- Bond Warehousing

In-Bond Warehousing in El Paso

Our In-bond warehousing services offer you a secured area. You can cross-dock, manipulate, and store your bonded merchandise for up to 15 days before final export or entry for consumption. This process makes it possible for you to avoid paying duties if the goods are not intended to enter the commerce of the United States.


The Many Benefits of Using In-Bond Warehouses

Utilizing our in-bond warehouse services comes with many benefits for your company. If your supply of goods is not big enough to warrant owning your own warehouse, you definitely would benefit from our service. You may find yourself spending excessively for space you don’t need owning your own business. Not only that, but maintaining your own warehouse also requires security measures, maintenance, and possibly employees. You may be in over your head at some point. You might end up spending the money you save on duty and taxes on these other resources. Another great aspect of our in-bond warehousing is the relaxed time limit. If there isn’t a big demand for your product, you can wait up to 15 days to either export it or file a formal entry.


We are CTPAT Certified

Bonded Warehouses and Restricted Items

If you have products that are restricted by customs, utilizing bonded services can help. You can continue your supply chain without or with minimal interruption. Your goods can sit unharmed while you obtain licenses or permits. While many restrictions within international trade at the American border exist, bonded warehousing is free of restrictions with customs as long as goods are removed under the escort of a customs officer.

More Than Great Warehousing

Cordova Brokerage International offers more than just great warehousing services. When you come to us for any of your importing and exporting or international trade needs, our team of professionals deliver quality service. Our team has years of experience and expert knowledge in in-bond movements and logistics as well as other services like freight forwarding and cross docking. They have in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in the ever-changing field of international trade and customs laws. If you want to grow your thriving business, outsourcing your processes is a great way to stay on top of the things that matter. You can focus on your bottom line while we manage the tough stuff. Contact us today to set up a consultation. One of our skilled professionals will be happy to analyze your needs and set you up with the services that would best benefit your company.