The Role of Customs Warehouses in International Trade

Three people reviewing inventory at a customs warehouse in El Paso.

Are you thinking about doing international trade for your El Paso company but aren’t sure what you’re getting into? Here, we will explain the role of custom warehouses and what they can do for your company. 

At Cordova Brokerage International Inc., located in El Paso, TX, we offer customs warehouses to our clients who need a place to store their goods while going through customs. If this is something you are interested in, or you want to hear more about our services, give us a call at (915) 595-8774 or contact us online today. 

What is a Customs Warehouse?

A customs warehouse in El Paso is a secure location that has a connection to customs where you can store, import, and export goods. Before the goods are sent out to their destination, they must be inspected by a customs agent. A customs agent will come to the customs warehouse where your goods are stored until the inspection is complete. This makes both your life and the customs agent’s life a lot easier. 

International Benefits

Though there are quite a few benefits of using an El Paso customs warehouse to store your goods, the most significant benefit of them all is how convenient international shipping is. When you import your goods to a customs warehouse anywhere in the world, you can store them there until they are ready to be exported, and you won’t have to pay an additional fee to do it. There are two routes to using a customs warehouse for international needs: importing and exporting. 

  • Importing- If you’re selling goods that go into seasonal demands, you can hold them at a customs warehouse until they are ready to be sold. The importer can then pay duties on their products as they are being delivered to their destination inside the country where they were held. 
  • Exporting- Importers can store the goods at a customs warehouse in order to save costs before being exported again. When the products are exported out of the country, the importer will not be charged a duty fee because the products are under the surveillance of customs. 

Customs Warehouses in El Paso

Cordova Brokerage International Inc., located in El Paso, offers plenty of space, security, and support at our customs warehouses, no matter what kind of products you’re bringing in. Whether you’re importing or exporting goods, we have a place to keep them. Call (915) 595-8774 for more information.