The Fundamentals of Cross Docking and How Your Company Can Benefit

The Fundamentals of Cross Docking and How Your Company Can Benefit

There is a key difference between cross docking services and warehousing and shipping that many business owners fail to understand, which can lead to confusion when it comes to seeking out these services. To help bring awareness to these differences, we’re going to focus on the logistics involved in cross docking and how you may need these services in connection to warehousing and shipping. To begin, warehousing services provide you with a place to store your products until they are ready to be shipped to customers or their final destination. Before those goods get to the warehouse, they are transported to the warehouse thorough cross docking services.    

Pre and Post Distribution

Cross docking can be broken down into two processes: pre-distribution and post-distribution. In the phase of pre-distribution, good are first unloaded, sorted, then organized so they are prepared for distribution. Before the materials leave, it’s important that all of the items are identified and instructions have been given so that once they are transferred, the process will go smoothly. In the post-distribution phase, the materials leave the docking facility and are delivered to the customer. Once they arrive at the warehouse, they are placed in the warehouse until the customer is prepared to transfer them into their store or other types of final destinations.  

Who Benefits From Cross Docking?

Manufacturing and other companies who need to transfer their goods from a warehouse to another location such as a distributor can benefit from our cross docking services. Cross docking services can serve a variety of product needs — from packaged goods to larger items. Other benefits of cross docking services include saving time and having the confidence that an experienced company will safely transfer your valuables to their destination without risking the possibility of loss. This gives you a competitive edge. One of the riskiest aspects of business is a delay in shipment or a loss in product. All too often companies have to learn from beginner mistakes. Even companies who have been in business for years may experience an issue. Whether you’re a new business or one with years of experience, allow Cordova Brokerage to help you avoid mistakes and costly delays.      

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