What you should know about freight forwarding

Does your business require the importation of goods? Do you stress about your product being delivered on time? If so,  you should consider working with a freight forwarding company. At Cordova Brokerage, based in El Paso, we offer trustworthy freight forwarding and logistic services. 

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What is Freight Forwarding?

An El Paso freight forwarding company is an organization that moves goods and products all over the world on behalf of the person or company requesting it. They don’t physically move the goods themselves; they establish relationships with the companies that do the moving. In doing this, they plan out the entire shipment process on behalf of the client. To make things even more convenient for you, Cordova Brokerage will also ensure you get the lowest cost possible in terms of service. Let us do the hard work; you have a business to run!

What a Freight Forwarder Does

The experts at Cordova Brokerage in El Paso have a broad understanding of the international market. We take into consideration the condition of your goods, if they are perishable, hazardous, high in value, etc. Based on the kind of product you are transporting will depend on what kind of route we organize for the delivery. As mentioned before, we strive to keep the cost low for you. In order to do this, we negotiate the contracts, the transportation methods, and the handling with the company (or companies) moving your products. 

To have a deeper understanding of the freight forwarding process, here are the steps involved in the forwarding process:

  • Export Haulage- This may be the most familiar step in the process. This step involves the transportation of your product to the freight forwarders’ warehouse. Like most shipments, this transportation could range from a few hours to a few days. Depending on the distance and the value of the shipment will also depend on which mode of transportation is needed. 
  • Export Customs Clearance- Before any international shipping can occur, the country’s customs agents must approve the product departure. The agents will go through the paperwork and the details of the shipment to make sure it is safe and legal to ship. 
  • Products Checkpoint- This is the middleman part of the process. This is when the receiving team unpacks the products in their warehouse. They make sure none of the shipments were damaged during the transport. The freight forwarders will also make sure that the delivery location will accept the products. Certain items may have restrictions, like drugs, flammable liquids, and perishable items. 
  • Import Customs Clearance- Similar to the export customs, once your products arrive in the destination country, they will be checked to make sure they meet the legal requirements of the country. The import customs will sometimes charge fees that the freight forwarding company will temporarily cover. 
  • Destination Handling- Once the shipment is cleared from import customs, the freight forwarders will handle the transportation for the product to be delivered to its final destination. 
  • Import Haulage- This is the last stage of the process. Much like in the export haulage step, this is when the transportation method is chosen for the final delivery location. As mentioned previously, the mode of transportation is determined by how far the drop-off location is from the warehouse and what kind of goods are being transported. 

Why Choose Cordova Brokerage?

When it comes to the transfer of delicate goods, you want a skilled El Paso freight forwarding business you can trust. When you place the job of handling your product in our hands, understand that we will deliver results. 

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