First Timer’s Guide to Using a Customs Brokerage

customs clearance graphicAs an importer, your sole desire is for your goods to arrive safely and efficiently. A licensed customs broker can help you with that. Using these services is the best way to ensure your imports arrive without delays. However, there are a number of things you need to know beforehand.

When a Customs Brokerage is Needed

A customs broker comes in handy if you are importing from overseas because the process can be complicated and requires a ton of documentation. Therefore, working hand-in-hand with an experienced customs broker can help you so that you do not run into a loss once you clear the process. In addition, in order to ensure that your goods arrive safely from overseas, these agents will make the process much easier. However, it can be daunting because it not only involves a huge capital outlay, but the documentations required are also detailed and overwhelming. Not only that, but the entire process can be costly if you do not do it correctly.

Services of a Customs Brokerage

If you are a first-time importer, it is important to entrust the services of customs brokerage services because these services allow you to get your merchandise safely and in quickest and most efficient way possible. However, before hiring a customs brokerage service, you should understand why you need these professionals. They can assist with the electronic transfer which includes pre-release of shipment, remote location filing, and custom surety bonds, as well as duty drawback services, and automated broker interface. In addition, they can also assist you with post entry services, compliance support, and tariff classification review.

Customs brokerages can be your government agency liaison and your single-source, international cargo solution. They offer dedicated expertise that guides you through the importer’s registration process and import bond requirements while also addressing any duty payment concerns that you may have.  Partnering with them will expedite your cargo, keep you in compliance, and eliminate delays and unnecessary fees.

Be aware that not all brokers are able to process entries nationwide. This means that they cannot handle any unloading. They also will be unable to prepare and process the paperwork required by U.S. Customs, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is best to ask before making a hiring decision. You should also check into whether you require a license, a permit to import certain goods or special additional paperwork.

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