A Customs Warehouse for Added Convenience and Profitability

warehouse services in a warehouseUtilizing a customs warehouse is a great way to boost your business. If you work with imported goods this service can save your company money. Utilizing these services can give you the advantages you need to get ahead of competitors and increase profit. Cordova Brokerage International offers custom warehousing services along with a lot of other services that can help any company involved in international trade and importing goods.

What is Customs Warehousing?

A customs warehouse is a place where imported goods can be stored under customs control. These stored goods don’t require payments of duties and taxes. During the duration of time that the goods are stored they can also be handled to improve packaging and to prepare for shipment. This can include breaking bulk, grouping packages for better storage or shipment, sorting, and grading. All of these manipulations are allowed as long as it is not intended to change the essential character of the goods.

How You Can Benefit From Utilizing a Customs Warehouse

Of course the main goal of using a customs warehouse to store goods is to save money. Not paying duties and taxes for an extended period of time is a huge benefit in itself. The storage available is long term as well. In the U.S. goods can be stored in one of these warehouses for up to five years. This offers the added advantage of storing the goods until there is an increase in demand. This is great for companies that deal with seasonal items. A customs warehouse can also help with the storage of restricted goods. The items can be stored while you straighten out the details of moving and transporting the items.

Extra Benefits With Cordova Brokerage International

At Cordova Brokerage International our customs warehouses come with added features. We provide our valued clients with an ABI online tracking system for imported goods. This is a safe network that allows access to thorough information about shipments. We also offer warehouse inventory online tracking. Both of these systems come with the ability to generate and print reports for added profitability. We have easy access to air, sea, and land transportation of goods as well. Our warehouse is conveniently located on the El Paso and Juarez border. We offer over 67,500 square feet of space for clean and safe storage.

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