In-Bond Warehouses Are The Ticket To The Success Of Your Business

Industrials warehouse for distribution and storageIf you are in the business of purchasing goods that need to be imported into the United States, in-bond warehouses can be a great option for you. These warehouses are used for storing your items for a period of time. Your items are not subject to import fees and duties during this time. The appropriate fees will only apply when your items get to their customer. There are plenty of benefits to in-bond warehouses and if you are searching for this type of service, Cordova Brokerage International can be of help to you. Our team knows the importance of having a safe and quality warehouse to store your investments in the El Paso area.

Avoid Paying Fees Twice

As stated before, one of the most common reasons to keep your imported goods in a warehouse that is bonded is because fees and duties do not yet apply. This can help you avoid paying double the fees if your customer is located elsewhere. Warehouses can hold goods for quite a long period of time and most do hold items for a handful of years. Most new warehouses are equipped with excellent storage systems that do a good job of preserving the items.

A Safe And Secure Place

One thing that many business owners want to know is that their products are safe and in good hands. With our team at Cordova Brokerage International, your goods will always be safe and secure. We have hired security that keep an eye on the goods we store all day. As any standard warehouse facility should, we also have refrigerated areas, security cameras, and a bar code inventory system so that you can check on your items. The main point with in-bond warehouses is that your items can be safe and sound for an extended period of time.

Contact Cordova Brokerage International For More Information

Our team at Cordova Brokerage International can take care of your warehousing needs. We understand why you want to find a place that is safe and secure for the items you have invested time and money into. Running an import and export business can be tricky and take a lot of work, which is why our brokers can help you with everything from warehousing to dealing with customs. Getting help where it is needed will only help you thrive and flourish. If you would like more information on our warehousing or other services we can provide your business, please give us a call today!

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