El Paso Freight Forwarding

When it comes to your business you are probably looking for ways to increase efficiency and profitability. Outsourcing your El Paso freight forwarding needs to a capable brokerage is a great way to improve business. At Cordova Brokerage International we offer expert service for all your import and export needs. El Paso Freight Forwarding at […]

A Customs Warehouse for Added Convenience and Profitability

Utilizing a customs warehouse is a great way to boost your business. If you work with imported goods this service can save your company money. Utilizing these services can give you the advantages you need to get ahead of competitors and increase profit. Cordova Brokerage International offers custom warehousing services along with a lot of […]

Cross Docking Services: Why It’s One of the Best Options for Transporting Goods

If you’re looking for cross docking services in the Border region, choose Cordova Brokerage. Cross docking makes it easy for your products to get where they need to be by reducing the need of handling. Through cross docking, the need to store products in a warehouse will dissipate. Here are some other reasons why this […]

Warehouse Services: The Last Step Is Often the Most Important

When transporting goods, warehouse services are necessary. Warehouses keep goods safe and secure and can serve many other very useful purposes. If you’re in the Southwest area and you’re in need of warehouse services, Cordova Brokerage can help. The Unique Usefulness of Warehouse Services When warehousing goods, corporations are able to save money and keep […]

Import and Export Companies Help the World Connect

Import and export companies connect the nations of the world. Without these companies, our world would be much more secluded. Trade is, after all, responsible for the world we live in today. Back in 1492, when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, the world was just beginning to explore new trade routes. Columbus wanted to find […]

Freight Brokers Make Sure Everything Runs Smoothly

As technology advances, everyone becomes more and more used to the idea of instant gratification. You can download an entire movie in less than three minutes. You can chat with your friend across the world in a second. It appears as if everything is at our fingertips! As long as you have a smartphone, you […]

What are Cross Docking Services?

Cross-docking is a type of shipping service wherein raw, partial, or finished products that come from a supplier or manufacturer are distributed directly to the users. This includes both next level manufacturers and end consumers. There is little to no storage time. It is a logistics technique that is used in both the retail and […]

How the President Affects Customs Warehouses

The President’s words and actions have implications far beyond the borders of the United States. It has yet to be seen, what, if any effects, his recent overseas trip will have on trade and customs warehouses. However, many of his recent remarks have left many in the industry scratching their head and bracing for the […]

First Timer’s Guide to Using a Customs Brokerage

As an importer, your sole desire is for your goods to arrive safely and efficiently. A licensed customs broker can help you with that. Using these services is the best way to ensure your imports arrive without delays. However, there are a number of things you need to know beforehand. When a Customs Brokerage is […]

Why Businesses Choose to Become Import and Export Companies

There are a number of reasons that businesses in the US choose to venture outside of the borders and become import and export companies. For small and medium-sized businesses, the benefits of exporting alone, without importing, can be substantial. Regardless of whether your business is an import and export company or only concentrates on one […]